David McTague


1. Record & Guitar.
A record.  A guitar.  Music.  Magic. They’re here to symbolise music as an integral part of my life.

2. Bag.
My mobile office. I carry this pretty much everywhere, and it certainly contains a few essentials. This particular specimen is a few years old now, and hails from Marrakech.

3. Flat cap.
I call it my flat cap but I think it’s technically a ‘newsboy’. It’s brown corduroy and I wear it a lot.

4. Ashtray.
This is something I’ve just had for ages. Pretty much since leaving my parents house, so it’s symbolic of that I guess.  Time has moved on, people have moved on and places have moved on… and this ashtray has been along for the ride. I still use it now and again.

5. Mellowtone flyers.
I had to include them here as I’m always carrying them, and leaving a trail around. In this digital age I think it’s really important that we still retain some tangibles, so we never stopped printing our flyers.