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Dave O’Grady

My essentials for Stereographics © DaveOGrady


Gibson J45 – This is the guitar that I take everywhere, I use for every gig and is my dearest friend.
Hat – I found this hat in a lovely little shop in Amsterdam a couple years, as soon as I put it was difficult to take off, so I kept it.
Headphones – No explanation necessary.
Drawing – This sketch is by Rich Robinson called ‘American Beauty’, it was very generous gift from him a few years ago. I think it is a perfect combination of beauty and ugliness.
1977 Fender Champ w/picture of myself and my mother – I got this amp for £100 on a used good website, I haven’t changed sounds killer!
Writing book w/ turquoise stone – I am always trying to take note of my thoughts, where better to take them down.
Polaroid Camera – I love this camera, It’s much more special when someone wants a photo with you and you can offer them a actual photo than a stupid selfie.
Howard Marks – Mr Nice was the first book I read for pleasure whilst working on a ship in the north sea one Christmas. A man who has led an incredibly exciting life.
Incense & Pipe – Well…its good to relax.
Oscar Wilde – His writing is humbling.
Scarf – I grew up in Dublin, Ireland. My first emotional experiences were watching St Patricks Athletic win and lose. It’s also where I learned to sing…”Oh when the Saints, go marching in, Oh..”
Vinyl (Eddie Harris) – I never collected anything, so now I collect vinyl…and Eddie Harris is wonderful musician, I was never into Jazz but he grabbed me.

Dave O’Grady
February 2017

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My essentials for Stereographics by Dave O’Grady
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