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David Champion


Here you can see a collection of objects which are important to me both sentimentally and practically.

The guitar is a 1960s Gibson which I found at a flea market in Paris for a fraction of the price it should have been. It’s been a loyal and important companion ever since.

The device in the upper middle of the picture is an audio interface which we use for demoing all of our new music and as such, is a pretty crucial member of the CHAMPS team, along with the microphone on the right hand side of the picture.

Mike and I both have an interest in photography which is reflected by the two photography books here, and the two film cameras you can see which have accompanied us on many excursions and have both captured many memorable moments.

Papillon is one of my favourite books and I find this tale of human endurance and spirit against all odds to be truly inspirational.

Bodysurfers and The Cruel Sea are also personal favourites.

The red book on the right and the typewriter in the middle are both very important tools for writing. I find using a type writer to be particularly satisfying and cathartic.

Paul Simon’s Graceland has been my go-to album for the past few years and I have such huge respect for the way Simon constantly reinvents himself musically.

Finally the watch in the lower middle of picture is an heirloom which I wear every day.

David Champion (from Champs)
Décembre 2016


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