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Alex Pester

My essentials for Stereographics by Alex Pester
“Some people are born with an inexplicable talent that sets them apart from the rest. Alex Pester is one of those rare individuals. At just a tender age, he has already accomplished what many musicians only dream of – releasing not one, not two, but three albums, and accumulating a treasure trove of tracks that beckon the listener into his intimate world of folk and baroque pop.
His artistry is both personal and solitary, borne of a passion that was ignited when he discovered a lost copy of Nick Drake’s Bryter Layter at the age of thirteen.
With his latest album, Better Days, Alex’s talent shines brighter than ever, beckoning us to join him in a dreamy, magical realm that is both delicate and essential.”
Matt Lockett


From L-R

The Shirt: This is my 1960s Jon Wood “suedehead” lilac shirt, I first wore it for the cover of my upcoming album “Better Days” and it has been a staple of my wardrobe since. I love its beagle collar, it’s the most “me” clothing item I own.

Top Left: Here’s my Snufkin doll from The Moomins. I was introduced to them by my first girlfriend quite some time ago now, and I fondly associate the little fellow with those hectic times.

Top Middle Left: Caravan’s third album “In The Land Of Grey And Pink”, the first Prog-Rock album I ever listened to. I remember my 13 year old self thinking it sounded a bit twee, I still think that. It’s brilliant.

Top Middle Right: Ivor Cutler’s 1976 album “Jammy Smears”. So many absurd and poignant remarks fill this record, it’s like a bible to me. If you’re ever in need of some clarity just play this album. Not the same as money but ok.

Top Right: My prized UK 1st Pressing of Pink Floyd “Apples and Oranges”. The soundtrack of many an imagined affair, Syd Barrett nails the conflicted feelings of being a young Englishman who is as afraid of love as he is frenzied by it. Favourite song lyric: “Cornering neatly, she trips up sweetly to meet the people. She’s on time again…and then. I catch her by the eye and I stop and have to think, what a funny thing to do ‘cos I’m feeling very pink!

Below “That”: John Lennon’s debut poetry collection “In His Own Write”. Good dog Nigel.

Bottom Left: The Beach Boys “Wild Honey”, one of the most concise and note perfect records I own, just a delightful album with such a charming character. The mudiness of the late 60s mono Beach Boys albums is as warm and nourishing as a camp-fire hot chocolate.

Bottom Middle Left: My prized 1st Pressing of Nick Drake’s “Five Leaves Left”. Although Bryter Layter was my first Nick Drake album, this will always be my favourite. “River Man” and “The Thoughts Of Mary Jane” taught me how to arrange more than anything else.

Bottom Middle Right: Kevin Ayers “Joy Of A Toy”. This is my first year of college. My hair was the longest it had ever been, I’d found a copy of “Piper At The Gates Of Dawn” in a pet shop in Porlock, I felt pretty unstoppable. This album is a foam banana in your pick ‘n’ mix, and if you’re drunk enough it IS the best psych-folk-canterburyscene-whateveritis ever put to wax. “Girl On A Swing” is what I feel like when I’m in love.

Bottom Right: One of my Dad’s “bootleg” Alex Pester CDs. He’s been making these since I started making albums at age 14. They’re getting pretty convincing now.

Above “That”: My totally legitimate DVD of Richard Harris’ “Snowgoose”, which is actually a VHS rip of the original 1971 television recording. What a beautiful story this is. This is my happy place.

Also: Two of my many ties, aren’t they just a little bit disgusting?

Thank you for reading and an even bigger thank you to Pascal for allowing this to happen.

Alex Pester

More information:
alexpester on Spotify

Alex Pester’s new album “Better Days” will be released on Violette Records on May 26th.
Pre-order here:

My essentials for Stereographics by Alex Pester
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