Les Essentiels de Matt Lockett

Les Essentiels de Matt Lockett

Matt Lockett is one of my best friends and, alongside Michael Head, is my partner in crime in Violette Records
Here are his Essentials.

The best things in life aren’t things. I do quite like things though.

Glasses – they help me to see things better. I take them everywhere because I like to see things better.
Record – the objective incarnate of a plan with friends.
Book – Paul Birtill is this country’s greatest living poet. I tell everybody and tell everybody to tell everybody to tell everybody. Paul Birtill is this country’s greatest living poet.
Pen – I like stationery. I love fountain pens. This is a Parker 25 fountain pen which my Dad passed on to me when I started secondary school and still use it every day.
Camera – my first SLR camera, totally mechanical – where physics, chemistry, art and expression collapse in a heap together laughing.
Shoes – desert boots, size 11, square toe, battered and ancient – if shoes could talk…
A note – I like handwritten notes too. I especially like this handwritten note.
iPhone – magic.
Headphones – the National Health Service should prescribe proper “shut out the world” headphones to children. A free pair to every three year old. Seriously life-changing and the path to pure pleasure and fullfillment.

Matt Lockett, b. 1969 in Stockport UK

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My essentials for Stereographics by Matt Lockett
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  1. graeme

    he forgot another essential, which would be clean underpants (although would have ruined the image/photo) , scratch my name on your arm with a fountain pen, matt is now legendary from mystery man to new in depth insights into his man bag….great work pascal, and a worthy subject

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