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Matt Lockett is a friend and my partner in crime in Violette Records. — Pascal Blua


The best things in life aren’t things. I do quite like things though.

Glasses – they help me to see things better. I take them everywhere because I like to see things better.
Record – the objective incarnate of a plan with friends.
Book – Paul Birtill is this country’s greatest living poet. I tell everybody and tell everybody to tell everybody to tell everybody. Paul Birtill is this country’s greatest living poet.
Pen – I like stationery. I love fountain pens. This is a Parker 25 fountain pen which my Dad passed on to me when I started secondary school and still use it every day.
Camera – my first SLR camera, totally mechanical – where physics, chemistry, art and expression collapse in a heap together laughing.
Shoes – desert boots, size 11, square toe, battered and ancient – if shoes could talk…
A note – I like handwritten notes too. I especially like this handwritten note.
iPhone – magic.
Headphones – the National Health Service should prescribe proper “shut out the world” headphones to children. A free pair to every three year old. Seriously life-changing and the path to pure pleasure and fullfillment.

Matt Lockett, b. 1969 in Stockport UK

Matt Lockett
February 2016

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