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Marianne Dissard

My essentials for Stereographics © Marianne Dissard


Sorry but I do get noticed. I am energy. My hair matters, what I look like. I am queen.
What I put in my body and who you are to me. What do you think of me? Not everyone can get close. I am damaged easily. Not everyone can stand with me. Break my heart but I don’t have a room. I have many, adding to one.
Here now, gone already. Anger and too much of a few good things. But I am stubborn, oh dear, and ambition for the finer things and unlofty ideals. I am boss, I run your world if you let me, and mine stealthily, with so much joy, a kid. Let’s do it!

I can do anything. Are you ready too? Hear me out, I joined the circus! Together, we can be any grand young and old story! Let’s play! I love you, love me and we’ll be fine.

Marianne Dissard
Mai 2016

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My essentials for Stereographics by Marianne Dissard
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