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Matthew Edwards

My essentials for Stereographics © Matthew Edwards


1 — New York Tenderberry by Laura Nyro. In so much as one can consider a record essential so I consider this to be. I have never been without it wherever I have lived and I have bought copies for many of my most loved people. For me it is indispensable – It made me fall in love with the idea of New York as a passionate English schoolboy. This is the first copy I owned so excuse it’s tattiness.
2 — A key ring with my childhood address etched into a steel disc by my father. My Dad loved making things and had a very utilitarian aesthetic. I carry it with me always.
3 — A St Christopher that was given to me by my Grandmother on the day I was born. Nan had 30 grandchildren and for some reason I was the favoured one. It is always on my person.
4 —The Green Book – When I have a song 90% written it goes into this green wallet. It’s from the 1930’s and was a bookmakers racetrack diary/ note-book. I found it in a barn years ago.
5 — A 1963 Guild Parlour acoustic guitar. Bought in Santa Rosa a few years ago from a man who’d owned it from new. Sometime in 1967 he changed the headstock logo to a carved rose. As I walked away from his house with it I turned around and saw he was crying. It was precious to him and it is precious to me.
6 —The Unfortunates by BS Johnson. It gave me the name of my group. I love Johnson although this is not my favourite of his. That would be ‘Trawl’.
7 — A Season Ticket to watch Birmingham City FC. I am a Birmingham City supporter from birth. All my family are from within half a mile from the ground in Small Heath and we all supported the Blues. Being a Bluenose is an awful curse – we snatch defeat from the jaws of victory over and over again. BCFC are my only religious affiliation.

Matthew Edwards
Décembre 2017

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My essentials for Stereographics by Matthew Edwards
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