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Jeff O’Toole

My essentials for Stereographics © Jeff O’Toole
DJ, bon vivant, the original man about town. A fella with such exceptionally fine taste in music and shoes, an unforgiving “black crack” habit and master exponent of Spice Girls karaoke. Here are Jeff’s essentials. Matt lockett


1. Mephisto Shoes. These French 1960s walking shoes are so comfortable, I think I’m addicted to them too. Well I don’t wear trainers any more so I reckon I’m OK to have a few pairs of these. They last for years and I’ve had three pairs repaired back at the factory.

2. Gig prints. Another addiction, I have so many of these rolled up awaiting framing. I must get around to it. I wasn’t actually at this gig which is a bit of a cheat but it was drawn by a friend of a friend so I think that makes it OK.

3. Beer. Beer in cans, they look great, so bright and vibrant. Screaming, “drink me”.

4. Jazzy socks. These are my favourites and are from Tuk Tuk. Really good value too.

5. Gig tickets. Wherever possible I like to have a physical gig ticket. Bespoke gig tickets like these for Sounds From the Other City in Salford are very rare indeed and should be treasured. By treasured I mean stuffed in a shoe box with all of the others.

6. Claremont 56 record middle. I’m blessed to be able to play records in public. I wouldn’t say I’m a DJ as such as I just play records, one after another. This is lovely, a laser cut record middle. It did come in a little bag too but I lost that.

7. Records. Oh I love a record, I can’t stop buying them. I do really love the simplicity of the cover of this one. I love The Cult too.

8. Manchester Modernist Society Badges. I’m a big fan of Modernist architecture and The Society help open my mind. The beautiful badges help keep me a member.

9. Man bag. This Filson has been my trustee companion for years, they’re quite expensive but definitely worth the money.

10. Elephants. Not sure why but I really love elephants, there’s wooden ones all over the house. This one was from when I was sent to Chennai with work.

11. Jeans. Got to be Edwin and got to be raw denim. This pair are a fantastic rainbow selvedge pair that Liam from Deadstock General Store is keeping in service with his fantastic repairs.

12. Books. I’ve always got my nose in one, I’ll read anything. This one is the most recent I’ve read, Slade House by David Mitchell.

13. Kylie. My long suffering wife, Noelle, has to buy me a Kylie calendar every year. She has been relegated to the downstairs loo from the kitchen recently though (Kylie, not Noelle!). I think the world will probably end the day I don’t get a Kyle calendar for Christmas.

14. Magazines. I still love music magazines. I love reading about bands/albums I haven’t heard, imagining what they sound like. I buy a lot of music on the strength of reviews. I like the anticipation especially when music is now so instantly accessible.

Jeff O’Toole
April 2016

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My essentials for Stereographics by Jeff O’Toole
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