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Si vous êtes amateur de la scène musicale de Liverpool, le nom de Mel Bowen ne vous est certainement pas inconnu. Aux cotés de Field Music, I Am Kloot, John Head, Pete Wylie ou encore Aviator, Mel Bowen est un songwriter qui prend le temps de vivre sa musique avant de la vendre. — Stereographics


My guitar without which I’d of probably become addicted to hard drugs years ago. When I picked up the guitar at the age of 13, all my friends including myself were experimenting with recreational drugs. Many of my best mates ended up falling into serious heroin and crack addiction. For me the old cliche of drugs & rock n roll went in reverse, music & playing is my addiction and helped give me something in my life to express my ideas to the outside world.

Speaking of drugs brings me round to some of my book & record choices. There is nobody better than Nina Simone when your coming back after a heavy night to sooth your mind & feed your soul. Nina was The Original. She had a tough start in life but finished up getting the last word. Gil Scot Heron is one my greatest loves. I’ve chosen a book of Gil Scot because not many people know him as an author but rather as the singer/songwriting/poet that he was. A bright light went out when Gil Scot passed away! There’s also Sly & The Family Stone, The La’s, The Beatles in my essential collection!

The 1974 Liverpool for the Cup vinyl. That was my first FA cup memory, Liverpool won 3-0 against Newcastle. I remember watching it with my grandma on the TV. I’ve included my book on the General Strike. As a working class, lad I think it’s important that we know the power of our roots and the ability for us a community to make real changes. I’m a committed socialist and truly believe in community. On the notion of community, I’ve included my book ‘The Boys From The Mersey‘. It documents Merseyside’s love of football, adidas trainers & music. I personally never wear anything other than Levis, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!!

The glasses I need for reading & writing which I do an awful lot of. I love to read about philosophy. There’s not enough philosophy in the UK, we need to discuss and debate more without the bullshit agendas, the existentialists are always on my reading list.

Finally, I’ve included a photograph of my best friend Charlie who passed away 3 yers ago. He was the funniest, sharpest & coolest guy I’ve ever known. He also made Jim Morrison look like a choirboy which is why he’s no longer here to sing along with me. He’s never far from my thoughts though!!

Mel Bowen
October 2015

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My essentials for Stereographics by Mel Bowen
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